Last days of Summer

This is a brief update of the last days of Summer.

Monday: I went to the Office for Youth Employement to search for a job. There are a lot of offers published on a board. In most cases technicians and telemarketers were wanted, nothing very interesting. I also lacked a revenue admin. number (CF) to get a job.

Tuesday: Excursion to Urbino city and university. A hell of a visit. To study, it is way too expensive (Master courses and the like). Even doctorate courses -where students are payed- pay so little and forbid students to get an extra job, that I realised I cannot live here with my daughter while doing a PhD at the same time. That let me down... In the afternoon I found a nice bar and had a beer to relax. The beer was maybe little enough just to relax a squirrel. And expensive enough to stress an elephant. But the bartender was very cute! Then I had dinner with a friend.

Wednesday: I went around the city to get my CF. I visited the police -didn't know what to tell me and sent me in the wrong direction, sounds familiar?- and finally arrived to the right place and got my number. Then I bought a bike that costed me as much as 20 bus tickets, so if it lasts me just 2 weeks it'll be ok :)

In the meanwhile, rain stopped and I managed to wash 4 rounds of dirty clothes left here by my friend before leaving. Now I have room for my own dirty clothes!!!

Food is ok. Much pasta, and vegetables. I still saw no beef. I miss it so much...

Traffic is crazy! If I were not from Buenos Aires I'd have had a heart attack by now!!!

Sidewalks are non existent. But the few ones have dog-poo. It makes me feel at home :P

The house is beautiful, very roomy and bright. It is on the first floor over a garden. It has 2 bedrooms and a large kitchen and a living-room. Even the bathroom is big! The garden is ok, but full of (very!) angry and hungry insects.

I miss my family a lot, but I keep walking.

Bye for now,


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Blogger adriana said...

Fantástico tu blog. Escribís muy bien, con anécdotas impregnadas de sentimientos varios e ilustradas con las fotos. Así te extraño un cahito menos.
Te mandaré un email porque me da cosita la publicidad de la web. Mome

9:47 p. m.  

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