Just arrived

Hello World!

Here I am, in Fano, Italy. After two long days of travel I finally arrived, hungry and tired, but happy to be here. My friends are in Buenos Aires, so the house is empty, but their friends are taking good care of me :)

Well, not totally empty: there's rice, noodles, beer, cookies, etc. So I won't starve! I must find a job right now. Well, I'd rather wait until monday :)

More later, now back to sleep. As a good friend said once, I'm jetlagged like a drunken hamster!

Bye for now,



Blogger tmciolek said...

Welcome to Italy, dear Pao.

Multi Auguri! (I hope that this bit of my non-existent Italian makes sense).



PS. I loved the note about "hamster." See you online in the days to come.

1:43 p. m.  
Anonymous whgp said...

Bien hecho!

suerte en esta etapa!


6:48 p. m.  

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